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Feminists changed the sex-toy industry and, over time, the industry changed their businesses, forcing them to become more profit-minded and fiscally conscious whether they wanted to or not.

For many people, myself included, there’s a palpable nostalgia for an earlier time when feminist entrepreneurs led with conviction and intention, and shunned conventional ways of doing business.

'People like to know whether its rigid, flexible or floppy and if it has balls as well.' Explaining the secret of writing product descriptions for dildos, editorial assistant Cazz Thornton plonks a plastic member onto a set of scales. From dealing with queries on butt plugs to dispensing advice on how to escape from a chastity belt and sending out more than 3,000 orders a day, the staff at the company certainly have their hands full.

The business was founded in 2002 by a pair of former technology journalists, Richard Longhurst and Neal Slateford who identified a gap in the market for non-seedy sex toys for women, long before E.

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'I remember when I was younger, at the age of about eight, calling my sister a dildo at the dinner table and my mum flew off the handle, she went absolutely mental! I bought it for my girlfriend and as soon as she opened it, she laughed at me, slapped me round the face with it and put it back in its packaging. It's unused.''I am returning my items as I found with the Lovehoney snug plug, it was slightly too small.L James made whips and nipple clamps a regular part of the nation's sex life.All of the websites were presented in a really pornographic way and it was people coming from the porn world into the sex toy world and trying to sell products that way online,' explains Longhurst of his eureka moment.'It was such a blindingly obvious thing to do,' explains Slateford.When 26-year-old Amber, a Las Vegas transplant, realized her dog ate her favorite vibrator, she headed to Las Vegas’s Adult Superstore.Amber grew up in a small Midwestern farming town of 6,000 people, a place where sex “was shunned” and sex toys were never discussed.

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