The glass slipper 1955 online dating

The Prince has been studying at the University of Paris for many years, and the Duke is delighted that he has returned, which will be celebrated by three days of festivities and a ball on the final day.

But Ella is the slave of the household, waiting on every wish and whim of her horrible stepsisters. The wimpy father is a man unable to take action but loves his beautiful daughter.

While fleeing the palace, Ella's coach overturns; in the confused aftermath, the dazed Ella sees not a wrecked coach, but a pumpkin crawling with several mice.

She loses consciousness and wakes the next morning in her stepmother's house, in her everyday clothes.

Charles then recognises Ella's eyes as those belonging to the girl he saw years ago.

Ella thinks that he is making fun of her and pushes him into the pool.

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