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Is it reasonable to assume that the genuine honda engine is simply a sticker job.They simply changed the sticker from Yingxiang to Honda. Looking at it they are identical in the way it is made.I hope I have been able to help people considering buying AGR.I'm a recent Adventurer's Corner (e Bay) AKA Mills International Trading customer."We Can't Help You or offer Support/Return if neg F/B is left"...So it seems they are keeping their feedback on track by suggesting to any buyer that might have a complaint that they wont get any support if they publicly criticise them.My main problem, though, was with the company itself; we had trouble finding the phone number on ebay (there was an online link that went nowhere), and only after requesting to ebay for the number did we finally get through to AGR.However, AGR did not once answer our phone calls or emails, and we had to again request ebay to contact AGR about our problem.

Though I, and they, knew what the problem was, I still sent photos to AGR.I did have to change the fuel line but that could have been due to running it on ethanol blended fuel. Their business name seems to be: "Mills International Trading" ABN:45 117 885 828 I've purchased a couple of chainsaws from them in the past... but they appear to do a hell of a lot of shill bidding, don't expect any of their items to sell at low prices ;) Hi CRMExpert, My father bought an AGR Machinery generator.May I suggest you contact AGR Machinery and ask them about it, that's what I did and was happy with their explanation, which I wont divulge on a public forum. He was using it to power up batteries for a rural home, after a few months it died.My suggestion to anyone considering an e Bay purchase from Mills Trading is that it is paid for using Pay Pal only. Mills Trading arranged to have my generator collected by Toll Ipec in a very efficient and timely manor, all I had to do was arrange a suitable time with Toll.I have lodged a dispute with Pay Pal and they will assist me secure my refund if necessary, in fact they have already "frozen" the funds pending the sellers response. The driver had a completed con note and I even received 2 follow up phone calls from Mills Trading confirming that everything was OK.

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