Resume updating tips

By revisiting your past year’s achievements, you collect valuable information that calls for a resume update. Add your recent accomplishments, certificates, internships and newly developed skills to your resume.

Recruiters rarely look further back more than 15 years unless the information is extremely relevant to the job they are currently hiring for.

Even the most qualified candidate for the job doesn’t have a shot if the ATS is not pulling up their resume for the hiring manager to review.

The generic resume that’s sent out to ten different employers isn’t going to work today.

Make sure to fill your resume with information providing tangible proof that you provide real results.

Numbers in particular are very persuasive and hard to argue against.

All your past year’s accomplishments should be on your resume too.

Employers are looking for candidates who can specifically meet their needs.

Carefully read the job posting and the employer’s latest news to customize and tailor your information in a way that will appeal to them directly.

Provide insight to specific experience, skills and accomplishments that demonstrate you are good at what you do and that it can be transferred over to benefit the next employer.

Make sure it communicates your value proposition and distinguishes you from the hundreds of other candidates.

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