Online dating paranoia

Ambiguity in task performance has been shown to increase paranoid ideation.

This project was approved by the University College London ethics board under project number 3720/001.

Counter to the researchers’ predictions, they found that people with high levels of paranoia were less likely to make attributions of intent and blame in the vignette describing intentional harm than people with low levels of paranoia but more likely to ascribe blame and intent in the vignette describing non-intentional harm.

However, they suggested that these third-person vignettes may not have sufficiently engaged self-relevant concerns, and that if participants were directly involved in an interaction, highly paranoid people might show a more typically paranoid attributional style where intent to harm would be more strongly attributed.

Paradigms taken from game theory are now widely used in social cognition research and are starting to be used more frequently in psychopathology research have specifically focused on paranoia.

Moreover, until now, no studies have combined measures of social decision-making with measures of intent attribution, both of which are needed to tackle the two key components of paranoia.

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