One more clock weather not updating

IMHO, this should be addressed by Samsung and carriers ASAP. I have checked in the widget settings, the box which authorizes the widget to find the location is checked, in the location settings of the phone, the use cellular for position is checked.Later on, they continue and explain why it’s been added.Saving you the technicalities, basically what CM guys are saying is that the default sources of weather providers have changed their frameworks (APIs to be exact) quite a bit and as a result, CM userbase is now too big for them to contain at the current format. So now, in order for CM not to exceed limits imposed by weather providers, the widget has been modified to allow each user to connect to a certain provider (from a limited selection), thus remaining within limitation boundaries.As a result, there have been quite a few applications ported over from the Galaxy S8 to older Samsung phones.One of the more popular leaked apps is the updated widget, which was released to the public by developer Arpit Aggarwal.Well, I knew there had to be some type of culprit to blame for this behavior.

The only thing that seemed to work was restarting the phone.

A Widget is an interactive item that can be added to the Home screens of your device to give you quick access to information or tasks you perform frequently (weather updates, calendar events and many others).

With the previous version of Android (Lollipop), you were used to have the Weather and Clock widget displayed on the main Home screen of your Samsung device.

After recently purchasing Samsung’s new flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4, I have had a weird issue with some of my beloved weather widgets not updating.

I had tried several different ones and after a period of time, the widget would stop updating or responding to the manual update input from touching the widget.

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