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' I'm attracted to the idea of the viewer not knowing which elements of an intervention are real, and which fake.When I create a work there is always a imagined narrative - a story that the 'piece' is part of.does not allow site visitors to post unsolicited hotel reviews.She may not have been up for any awards on Saturday.The work is then a physical manifestation of that story.

Do you see a connection between your own work and the idea of cabinets of curiosity and Wunderkammer?

It's as if energy of the story is somehow embedded in the object. If the artist's energy is embedded in the object, and if this is sometimes behind the desire to collect.

M: I understand you're making works specifically for Wondrous Obsessions.

Her 28-year-old husband-to-be looked smart in a two-piece suit, shirt and tie, of different shades of grey.

The couple - who also stared in Fargo together - confirmed their engagement last month.

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