Kramer guitar dating

Usually, they sport a first letter, then have another letter prefixing the number.

ex: A A1234 Cast overseas plates are smaller in width compared to American Series cast plates.

The B Cast Plate guitars appear in what would normally be the "F" timeframe for Kramer.

Gxxxx - late '89 - '90 Range - GXXXX-XXXX Notes: 1990-"hockey stick" heads again (these were sold as NOS parts at the close out and mostly never associated with a serial number or neckplate).

- Made by ESP (presumed) Die cast plates in chrome and black sporting "Neptune, NJ" on them with the banana Kramer logo. 984 Reissues up until mid 2004 - 200000 - 200500 or less At Mid 2004 - All Reissue models within 2004 - 040001 Jersey Stars with serials on the neckplate begin with 040050, first Jersey Star produced is 040000 with serial stamped on back of headstock.

xxxxx - '83 - '86 (custom orders) and old 70's model Aluminum necks Notes: Some Custom plates begin with "0" with four letter proceeding, for example "07878".

These plates are black Two versions, one with a banana logo, one with the word "Kramer" in the old logo style Chrome plates with custom numbers from the wood neck era are NOT American series plates, but look identical (except for color) to the banana black custom order plate.

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