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Fox and screenwriter Itay Segal mostly imply the reasons behind Yossi’s state of mind, trusting us to intuitively grasp the reasons behind his fragility.It helps that Knoller is a skilled enough actor who can wring maximum expressiveness out of minimal gestures; in his unkempt face and bleary eyes, Knoller allows one to see the strain of Yossi constantly bottling up his emotions.But as Yossi sits on Jagger’s bed and stares into space after having been invited to visit his old room by Varda’s husband, the screen dissolves into a point-of-view dolly shot of an open road, and suddenly we see Yossi driving to an as-yet-unknown location.It’s then that a relatively conventional drama blossoms into something more bracingly unstructured, the shift subtly reflecting Yossi’s own aimless quest to snap himself back to emotional life.It’s only when he shows up one morning, in regular clothes, in front of her and her husband’s house that he finally tells them the truth about their son.Up to that point, Yossi is a fairly standard, if sensitively handled, drama about a man who’s unable to let go of the past.

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Knoller’s remarkably nuanced performance is filled with delicate emotion that subtly shifts as Yossi’s world begins to crack open, leaving an indelible impression.Sono passati ormai dieci anni da quando l’ufficiale pensieroso e timido Yossi è stato dolorosamente separato dal suo caporale Jagger, caduto nel corso di un sanguinoso e letale agguato.Dieci lunghi anni in cui il giovane ha ripreso gli studi di medicina sino a specializzarsi in cardiologia.Sarà un viaggio verso il Sinai, verso le sabbie di Eilat, a far mutare lentamente quella disperazione silenziosa e sofferta di un Yossi consumato dalla vita e da una perdita che non riesce ancora ad accettare.Un passaggio ad un gruppo di giovani militari che hanno in corpo la vitalità e gli ardori della giovinezza sarà l’occasione per conoscere la persona giusta per uscire da un tunnel lungo e oscuro fino a poco prima apparentemente senza uscita.

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