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I've been hearing my girlfriends discuss their wins and losses with a variety of online-dating phone apps, so I'm breaking down the newest means of tech-based courtship.Sometimes we just need to get away from it all and its not possible in real life.If it wasn't for you, then I would never have met what I am hoping will turn out to be my best friend forever.I will certainly promote your site to everyone, whether they want to know or not!!If the need ever arises, I will return with lightening speed. Free text messaging services aren’t anything new, but the recently-released Hey Wire breaks the mold a bit by offering a static, unchanging phone number that you can give out to your friends to let them text you, free international text messaging to and from 114 countries, and a web-based interface that allows you to send text messages just like you would using a standalone instant messenger like AIM, Skype, or Google Talk.

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The social networking apps that are really fronts for dating apps are a poor substitute for PPW.

Aside from simple texting, Hey Wire also integrates with Facebook chat to allow you to send the same message as both a Facebook instant message and a text message at the same time.

The web-based version (photo, below) of Hey Wire aggregates text messages, Facebook messages, Twitter, AIM, Yahoo!

To find out if a specific chat is right for you, you should read their terms.

Some online suicide prevention chats offer encryption to help protect your privacy.

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