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And the problem appears to be widespread, serious, poorly understood and perhaps ultimately to reflect a lack of individual morality."An estimated 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys in Australia have been sexually abused before the age of sixteen!Moreover the Queensland and Federal governments failed to establish a broader inquiry as the Archbishop had requested - and there are plausible (though unproven) grounds for suspecting that the involvement in child sexual abuse of some officials might constrain the latter's willingness to allow the broader issue to be investigated.Elaboration: The enthusiasm of official agencies for a general inquiry into child sexual abuse could be expected to be limited, if there is a significant basis in fact to rumours about paedophile networks in political and legal systems, as well as in official agencies dealing with children.

Often, perpetrators were also reported as being important people within the community." [1] "One in five children are sexually abused. However prevalence studies suggest that sibling abuse is more more common that father to daughter abuse which is the most frequently cited form [1] About a third of the criminal cases that come up in the Queensland Court of Appeal involve the abuse of children [not all of which is sexual] (see below) "One in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused in some way before the age of 18 years.In one town 1400 children were abused by gangs of men.Young girls were being abused on an 'industrial' scale.It is noted that: The Anglican Church's inquiry generated a 'witch-hunt' that led to risks to Australia's system of government related to politicizing the Governor General's role - as either an ally or opponent of democratically elected governments.In 2012 the resistance of governments to confronting the reported widespread incidence of child sexual abuse in the general community again became apparent (see CPDS Comments on the Background to Sexual Abuse The Problem of Sexual Abuse There is nothing new about child sex abuse, or about political commitments to address it [1].

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