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A good cause We’ve heard a lot about the NFL and the protests during the National Anthem.Can there be a positive from such a divisive discussion? Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long, although supportive of his teammates who protest during the anthem, has a better idea. Long is donating his entire year’s salary to education establishments in his hometown and the host towns of NFL teams for which he has played.

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Caught on camera A Fort Lauderdale police officer is under internal investigation, not because of the actions he took, but because of the words he said after the fact. The cop was in a potentially deadly situation as he and fellow officers were wrestling a suspect who was reaching for a knife.

They didn’t need to; this child killed himself later in the incident.

The child’s friends and family describe him as a good kid who was a straight A student until drugs became a factor.

Last week, a Melbourne High student who lives in West Melbourne was in a confrontation with police.

The kid shot at the cops, who did not kill the 16-year-old student.

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